Mission Statement

The purpose of MIH is to provide support, resources, referrals and community outreach to under-served and at risk youth of Yolo County.


How does MIH help?

MIH provides household supplies and furniture for under-served youth in Yolo County. Additionally we provide resources, support, and advocacy for this population.

MIH receives referrals from Social Workers in the Yolo County Department of Health and Human Services as well as other individuals and agencies involved with these youth .  A MIH "wish-list" is  completed by the youth requesting assistance and returned to us. A pick-up/delivery time is then arranged for the youth to receive your donations.  Confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.



Resources exist in Yolo County to help young adults in need pay for housing, food and clothing but additional funds to furnish and supply a household do not.  Make it Happen for Yolo County was formed to respond to this need.  


We partner with other county organizations who share our commitment to under-served youth: 

Yolo County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) at UC Davis

California Youth Connection(CYC)

Children's Law Center of California



Board of Directors

President: Jan Judson

Vice President/Treasurer: Joan Gerriets

Secretary:  Erin Autry Montgomery

Director:   Mary Brown

Director:   Enborg Halle

Director:  J Cortez

Director:  Jae Antonio


Honorary Board Member

Elliot Jones is a founding board member of Make it Happen.  Shortly after AB12 (the legislation that provided funds for a monthly stipend to foster youth between the ages of 18 and 21) became law, he recognized that the youth had a need for furniture and household goods when they move to independent living.  Elliot collected furniture on his own before Make it Happen for Yolo County was formed.  We honor his commitment to foster youth and thank him for his service.